About Mid Atlantic Health Care

Focused On Patient Outcomes

Mid-Atlantic Health Care is a modern skilled care company. In addition to the traditional services provided for seniors in the areas of medical and memory issues, we focus on a dynamic new environment in which more than 90% of our admissions can return to their homes following treatment.

New specialties that include high-tech, high-touch geriatric care, acute rehabilitation, complex medical treatment in a vertically integrated team setting and long-term ventilation care are all part of Mid-Atlantic’s approach to improved care for senior citizens in the Maryland/Delaware region

Our Company History

A Clinical Approach to Management

Founded in 2003 by Dr. Scott Rifkin, Mid-Atlantic Health Care mirrors Dr. Rifkin's expertise in providing specialized services in the post-hospital setting.

The company consistently receives the highest ratings by the Federal rating agencies of any care providers in the State of Maryland. This excellent record of care provided has helped the company grow to seven facilities in Maryland and Delaware...and is why Mid-Atlantic is viewed as a leader in innovative post hospital services throughout the region.

Mission and Philosophy

To Be An Extension of Each Community We Serve

Mid-Atlantic Health Care’s mission is both remarkably simple and enormously challenging. We feel that the facilities we own and manage should be an extension of the communities we serve…and represent the best healthcare practices available in those communities.

We are not satisfied with anything less than the highest quality healthcare. We expect our facilities to provide a caring environment, the best hands-on clinical and nursing services and the best rehabilitation services in each community we serve.

Management Services

Attention to Detail From the Ground Up

Mid-Atlantic Health Care selectively operates health care facilities for other ownership groups.

Our principals each have at least a 25-year history as specialists in the management and turnaround of health care facilities. Our model for effective facility management is based on state of the art clinical expertise, a focus on human resource development, proven staffing models and a commitment to industry-wide best practices for financial and cash flow management.

We will gladly meet with prospective qualified clients and can provide exceptional references upon request.

Partnership Opportunities

Vertical Integration of Care

Mid-Atlantic Health Care invites other health care providers to discuss ways we can work together to provide improved, seamless care for patients in our communities.

In many of our facilities we have articulated with physicians, hospitals and health plans to integrate our processes with the goals of increasing efficiency, increasing the competitive strength of our respective organizations and improving quality of care.

We believe that working partnerships with other providers have a positive impact on both the cost and quality of care.